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I grew up in Town, nearby Frankfurt a/M, Germany, studied Ethnologie in Madrid, Bonn, Mecixo-City, then Art in Cologne, and some years later the basics of botany in Florence. The intense look at the ground under my feet was due to the Tschernobyl Nuclear Desaster in 1986. All of a sudden I realized what we were about to loose. I wanted to get acquainted with the small beings I walk on and I am allergic to: the strange thing called nature.
When I slowly learned to handle botanical Literature and herbals, I found out that the low wild plants are much less described than the beautiful flowers, kitchen herbs, bushes and trees. I ate myself through piles of knowlegde and problems, krawled on knees and invented methods of research that fitted with my visive and artistic mind.
In the meantime I combine my skills to make it easy for others to get fascinated

Recent Wild plant Activities

20.10.2014  Guest Lecture on “Phyto-Alimurgia” and Guided Tour on ‚How to Forage Wild Edible Plant’s’ for the students of Prof. Fischer’s SUF course NSD 354 „Mediterranean Food and Culture: A Florence Experience“, Syracuse University, Florence
10.4.2014  Guest Lecture riconoscimento e cucina di erbe spontanee, Lunch with Prof. M. Occhibove for Danish Students and the teachers that organized the student exchange.    Curator Claudia Vitale for l’Istituto di Istruzione superiore “Giotto Ulivi”, Borgo San Lorenzo
9.4.2014   Guest Lecture and Guided Tour on ‚How to Forage Wild Edible Plant’s’ for the students of Prof. Fischer’s SUF course NSD 354 „Mediterranean Food and Culture: A Florence Experience“, Syracuse University, Florence
 5. and 6.Febr. 2014 Guest Lectures and Guided Tour on ‚How to Forage Wild Edible Plant’s’. for Students from USA, Palazzo Rucellai, Florence
 4.12.2013  Guest Lecture and presentation of edible wild plants, in: Klosterkirche Hennef, Germany
 Nov. to Dec. 2013  “Cane” (Phragmites australis), project with product design students, FH Aachen
 4.12.2013  Lecture on local wild plants, theory and practical applications and use at the former Cloisters of Hennef, Germany
 15.6.2013  Wild Plant lecture and  Wild Plant Menue in Bonn, Breitestrasse
16.3.2013 Training course on local edible wild plants and their use in contemporary cuisine at the Observatory Parco Botanico del Chianti,  Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tuscany, Italy
11.12.2012  Documentary „Vicini selvatici“,(Wild Kinship) RAI III, Geo&Geo, by Anne Wollrath
18.10.2012 “Cena ecumenica” – dinner with Wild Plant dishes  for the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, in Villa Campestri, Tuscany, Italy
12.10.2012 Field trip into rural tuscany followed by exhibition cooking of  wild plant dishes made from local sources for Students from the International Studies Institute, USA, Palazzo Rucellai, Florence, Italy
28.9.2012 Buffet of localy sourced wild plant dishes for opening of the art exhibition: “osservazione della natura in stato di quiete ” (stillife); curator Paola Bortolotti, in the Museum Marino Marini, Florence, Italy. Assorted wild plant dishes combined with traditional Tuscan plant recipes
7.7.2012 Public Wild Plant dinner on the main “Piazza” of Pelago, Florence, Tuscany in honor of  Alesia Association
23.6.2012 Wild plants in June in Bonn, Lecture Ecology of the town and surroundings, in Frau Holle, Bonn
20.5.2012  Wildpflanzenmatinee in Gut Ostler, Bonn Messdorf
17. and 24.3. 2012 Alla ricerca delle erbe spontanee alimentari, Deva Wolfram, Marina Clauser, Claudia Vitale in Barberino di Mugello, Sezione Soci COOP and Gruppo escursionisti
8.12.2011 Lecture for Blumenclub BFAS, Essen
16.10. 2011  World Food Day, lecture in Sala Strozzi, University of Florence, Tuscany 
26.7.  2011  TUM, Arte e Natura, Rocca di Carmignano, Tuscany 
5.6. 2011 Nature outdoor- our wild relatives, with Prof. Dr. Ryōsuke Ōhashi in Finkens Garten, Cologne
22.5. 2011 UN-Day of Biodiversity, Pavillon in the Botanical Garden of Bonn
17.5. 2011 wild plant Dinner in VILLA ROMANA; Florence,Italy
3. 2011 3 botanical excursions with the Botanical Garden of Florence in Vicchio,Italy
19.10. 2010 Goethe fra Arte e Scienza, with Claudia Vitale in the German  Institut, Florence
1. u. 2.  10-2010 Lecture in the Cityhall from STADE: „The wild Relatives in Europe“ ;
Excursions in the City of Stade in search of the wild relatives.
9-2010 Two Guest Lectures: “Our Wild Relatives – Innovative Food Resources and Our Cultural Heritage”  in the american University at PALAZZO RUCELLAI and two field trips from Paterno to Pagiano,FI;
20.6-2010 Wild plant Matinee, Bonn
22.5.2010 UN-Day of Biodiversity in the botanical garden, Bonn
9.5.2010 Andar per erbe, wildplant lesson with Marina Clauser in Casentino, Tuscany
3.2010 LA Cucina, 3 minutes film, realisation Anne Wollrath
11.9-2009 Le Piante spontanee e inselvatichite nel Parco della Villa Romana, Firenze
24.7-2009 Installazione Silene Progetto Luna e l’Altro, Palazzo Panciatichi, Firenze, a cura di A. Borsetti
4.6-2009 Alla scoperta delle piante spontanee, Spazio d’arte Alberto Moretti / Schema Polis, Comune di Carmignano
30.3. – 2.4-
Design of Wild Plant Vases for the World Unesco Conference, UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, Bonn, Ex-Parilament WCCB
20.3-2009 Wild plants in front of the door, international workshop in Finkens Garten in occation of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, in Bonn
14.3-2009 Passeggiata botanica in Vicchio, Tuskany, together with the Botanical Garden from Florence
28.2-2009 Presentation of edible wildplants in Vicchio, Tuskany, together with the Botanical Garden from Florence
29.6-2008 Kräutermattinee in „Finkens Garden“, Köln
27.6-2008 Wild plants in front of the door, Studio Dumont, Köln, Moderation: Bernd Kittlass
12-30.5-2008 Integrated Artwork for MOP4 and for the Mayors Conference Local Action for Biodiversity in Bonn:
on the Occasion of MOP 4 Cartagena Protocol, Reception for the participants of the International Mayors Conference in WCCB with Film, Art-Objects, Text and edible Wild Plant-Installation
Design, Wild plants and wild flowers Menu for the participants of the International Mayors Conference „Local Action for Biodiversity“ in the old City hall.  Speech on the edible biodiversity in Europe and European Cities
Wild Plants-Teelounge RhineLounge for the Region Nordrhein‐Westphalia and the City of Bonn on the „Plaza der Vielfalt“
Guidance System Segnaletica with Photographies for the International Mayors Conference in the Department for Foreign Affairs
21-23.9-2007 Wundergarten des Lichts, Project with Students, Artists and Prof. R. Plum, University TH Aachen in collaboration with Kunstverein Grevenbroich;
Wild plants gathered in the citypark, prepared in public with a solar-cooker; cultural-botanical walks through the city-park;
installation of 25 Photos A3 with text about electric light, about biophotons in plants and enlightened minds
8-2007 Exposition of spontaneous Tuscan plants at the “fierucola”, Piazza Santissima Anunziata, Florenze, 8-07
7-2007 Exposition of spontaneous Tuscan plants, paintings, photo-herbaria and plant-descriptions in Vallombrosa, Florenze
21.3-2007 Conference “La Crisi Ambientale” with Professor Sandro Pignatti (Ecologist and botanist, Rome, Italy, main publication: Flora D’Italia) in “Casa Di Goethe” (Museum in Rome, German Institution), about the actual green state of Rome, Rome/Italy
24/25.2-2007 With whom do you live? A theoretical and practical walk through the wild plants of Vicchio and around within a half years program: Vicchio meets German Culture, Vicchio, Tuscany/Italy
27. 6-2006 Wild plants menu with the Town Indians from the Cologne Ghetto “Am Springborn”; in Finkens Garden; the poorest homeless children of Cologne and me gathered and cooked wild plants in a very special Park ( three times prised by UNESCO), Cologne /Germany.
25.5-2006 Mattinee with and about wild plants, together with a biodynamical farm “Gut Ostler”; a one day event for 100 persons who were eager to learn by direct contact; Bonn, Germany
24.5-2006 Erborizazione II in San Miniato, Tuscany, with Dr. Marina Clauser, Botanical Garden of the Museum of Natural Science, University of Florence, Tuscany/Italy
(Publication in: Bollettino dell’Accademia nr. 73 –2006, Accademia degli Euteleti della città di San Miniato)
Wild plants in front of the door. Public instructions to gather money for the garden through entrance fees. Moderation: Bernd Kittlass, (director from Finkens Garden), studio dumont, Cologne
Awards Scholarships
2011 Kunstpreis Start, Gestalte Deine Stadt, Bonn
2003 scholarship Villa Vigoni /Italy
1998 scholarship Max Klinger House, Naumburg /Germany
1996 guest artist of Villa Romana, Florence /Italy
1995 guest artist of Kunsthaus Erfurt /Germany
1984 two month studies, New York /USA
1982-83 DAAD, one year scholarship in Florence/Italy, two month guest artist of Villa
Romana, Florence /Italy

1986-88 Botany, University of Florence /Italy
1984 Meisterschülerin (Art master degree) with Prof. Marx, Cologne/Germany
1975-81 Study of fine arts/ Prof. K. Marx, Cologne/Germany
1972-75 Study of Ethnology and Linguistics at the universities of Bonn/Germany,
Madrid/Spain, Mexico-City/Mexico /Central America
Own Projects, Concepts, Realisation with invited Artists and Scientists
After the nuclear desaster in 1986 the german population was asked not to leave children play outside. This reminded me of meadows of my childhod and I began to research the botanical and cultural reality of graslands and meadows.  Exposition cycles and artworks came out of this context: Hortus Conclusus I – III; Stroma I – III; Kulturschichten I – III; Series of plant herbals, of painted herbals and collaboration with the Botanical Garden von Florence and the Unesco-prised park Finkens Garten in Cologne
1993 Hortus Conclusus III, in the cloister of the convent San Salvatore a Monte, Florence, with Brigitte Burgmer, Holography, K Cologne, Margherita Verdi, Photography, Florence. A public  round table with Prof. Achille Bonito Oliva, curator, Rome, with Gino Ciolini, Abbot of the monastery Santo Spirito, Florence, with Joachim Burmeister, Villa Romana, Florence, with Vigilio Bianchi, Abbot of the Convent San Salvatore a Monte and Andrea del Guercio, art critic, Milan
1991 Hortus Conclusus II, ART Station Sankt Peter, Cologne. With Brigitte Burgmer, Holography, Cologne, Ulla Horky, Objekte, Cologne
1989 Hortus Conclusus I in the cloister of Santo Spirito, Florence, where the italien  Humanism was founded. With Brigitte Burgmer, and Ulla Horky, Cologne
2004 Kulturschichten Potsdam 2004, in the pavilion on the island „Freundschaftsinsel“, with Brigitte Burgmer, artist, Cologne; Dieter Meermeier, scientist for plant sociology, Erfurt; Verena Kyselka  artist,Erfurt.
Panel Discussion „How will it look like in Potsdam and surrounding in the year 2040?“ With Dr. Manfred Stock from Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung, Potsdam, and Dr. Sören Schöbel, Landscape Planning, TU Berlin
2000 Kulturschichten 2000, Art Stories and histories on soil, Stadtmuseum Siegburg. In Hommage to Gernot Assum, Architect, Bonn, who died during the preparations; Brigitte Burgmer, Holografiy und Fayence, Cologne; Dieter Meermeier, scientist for plant sociology, Kassel-Erfurt; Verena Kyselka, Video-Installations, Erfurt.
Public Discussion at the Finissage with Dr. Gert Fischer, Director dof Stadtmuseum Siegburg; Prof. Detlef B. Linke, „Neurogeograph“ and Philosopher; Dr. Anton Stelling, Riskmanagement, University Kassel, and the artists of the esposition.
1999 Kulturschichten Gotha 1999, Schloss Museum, Gotha. With Gernot Assum, Architect, Bonn; Brigitte Burgmer, artist, Cologne; Dieter Meermeier, scientist for plant sociology, Kassel-Erfurt; Verena Kyselka, Video-artist, Erfurt

Solo Exhibitions from 2000 on
23.5 – 24.7.2014 VERDE FIORENTINO, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
15.3 – 16.5.2014 KONVERGENZ, Frankfurter Westend Galerie, Frankfurt am Main
 18.2.-13.4 2012 Fisica dello sconfinato,  Galleria Schema, associazione culturale cantiere d’Arte Alberto Moretti, Comune di Carmignano
11.2011-3.2012 Seeds, Europäische Akademie zur Erforschung von Folgen wissenschaftlich-technischer Entwicklungen, Bad Neuenahr
13.1.-3.3.2011 CHUV, Lausanne
2010 Devas Natur, FFFZ Düsseldorf, Germany

Wildwuchs, ideale Agentur für Marketing, Bonn
2008 Kunstbalkon Botanical Garden of Kassel
Botanical Garden of Florence
Conference about Art and Science in Museo La Specola, Firenze/Italia with Marina Clauser, Claudia Vitale and Sergio Ferli
2006 BILDER KRÄUTER REZEPTUREN, Galerie Glockengasse, Cologne/Germany

ADOXA, Frankfurter Westendgalerie, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
2005 TABLEAU DER NATUR im Museum für Europäische Gartenkunst, Schloss
Benrath, Düsseldorf/Germany
2003 CHUV, Lausanne/ Switzerland
2002 Galerie Galeano, Bonn Produzenten Galerie Viktoria B, Bonn/Germany Deutsche Bank, Bonn/Germany
2001 Galerie Drei Eichen, Emern/Germany
2000 Galerie Morgana, Florence/Italy; Physik der Liebe, Bezirksregierung, Lüneburg/Germany

Participations from 1999 on
2014  Dublin Biennial 2014
 9.2. – 30.3.2014  25 Jahre Kunstverein Lippstadt, Rückblick nach vorne, Lippstadt
7.6.2013  Photography competition and exhibition: Wahrheit wird völlig überbewertet , IDEALE AGENTUR; Bonn
29.9 – 3.11.12 Osservazione della Natura in Stato di Quiete, Curator  Paola Bortolotti, Museo Marino Marini, Florence
May-August 2012 Our Relatives,Plants and Animals. Frauenmuseum, Bonn
2009 Luna e l’Altro – Enigma, La Barbagianna, Pontassieve, a  cura di Alessandra Borsetti Venier
2008 Dornen und Teufelsgetier, Frauenmuseum, Bonn
WUNDERGARTEN DES LICHTS Kunstverein Grevenbroich DVWG Bonn
PATER, Barbagianna, Firenze
2006 ARTEMOBILE, Kulturaustausch Kassel-Florenz, Kulturbahnhof Kassel/Germany 7 X 2, Kunstbalkon Kassel/Germany
2004 Galerie Gisele Linder, Basel/Switzerland
2003 DAS DRITTE UFER, Köln, Deutzer Brücke, Cologne/Germany
2001 Galerie im Kunsthaus, Erfurt and Berlin/Germany
1999 CHUV, Lausanne/Switzerland JUGEND UND LASTER, Kaufmannskirche, Galerie im Südschiff, Erfurt/Germany
BLOCCO NOTES-NOTIZBLOCK, Project by Rendel Simonti, Galerie La Barbagianna, Pontassieve, Florence/Italy

Private and Public Collections Collection
Deutsche Bank, Unter den Linden, Berlin/Germany
Collection Deutsche Bank, Bonn/Germany
Collection Giro- und Sparkassen Verband, Bonn/Germany
Collection of the foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Bonn und Berlin/Germany
Collection Deuss- Hettlage, Essen/Germany
Collection E-M Mann, Berlin/Germany
Collection Franz Joseph van der Grinten, Moyland/Germany

VIDEOS on Youtube account: deva wolfram
2012 TV:  11.12.2012 Documentary Vicini selvatici,(Wild Kinship) RAI III, Geo&Geo by: Anne Wollrath
2011 TV:  11.2011  TV segment for WDR Lokalzeit Bonn, Wildpflanzen in der Stadt (Wild Plants in the City)
2009 p.50-53, in: L‘Art et la Culture au CHUV, Caroline de Watteville
Claudia Vitale in ASPHODELO, Vicchio
2008 Dornen und Teufelsgetier, Frauenmuseum, Bonn
2007 Deva Wolfram: Die wilden Verwandten, in: PAN, Benrather Schriften, Band 4, p.31-38,
M.C. Landi, A.Borsetti Venier, Pater, raccolta di poesie e opere visivi
2006 Marina Clauser, Deva Wolfram,  ed al., Erborando a Balconevisi. La replica del 2006, Bolletino dell?Accademia degli Euteleti, pagina 287-320,
Margitta Dobrileit, Tableau der Natur – naturphilosophische und ästhetische Betrachtungen zu den Kunstherbarien der Künstlerin Deva Wolfram, Palmengarten-Frankfurt am Main, Mai 2006
2005 Deva Wolfram, Ankommen wenn man weggeht, Von Goethes Gartenhaus in Weimar bis zur Casa di Goethe in Rom, Animo Italo-Tedesco 5, Weimar 2005, S. 143-154.
Antipodi, Nr. 5, Alternativa Libreria, Texte zur Umwelt mit Werken von Deva Wolfram,
2004 Deva Wolfram, Kulturschichten 2004, Potsdam
2000 Deva Wolfram, Mario Pachi, Minimum n.25, Libro d’artista Morgana Edizioni Firenze 2000
Deva Wolfram, Kulturschichten 2000, Bonn 1999/2000
1997 Deva Wolfram, Toskana Thüringen und zurück, Jahrbuch der Deutsch-Italienischen Gesellschaft, Weimar 1997, Seite 150-158
1996 Deva Wolfram, Gino Ciolini, Sandra Landi, La Memoria, Libro d’artista n.13, collana Peccati Quotidiani, Morgana Edizioni, Firenze 1996
Deva Wolfram, Iter, Morgana Edizioni, Firenze 1996
1995 Hans Martin Schmidt, Jahresbericht der Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 1995
1994 Heinz Georg Häußler, Vom Wiedererscheinen des hortus conclusus im Werk der Malerin Deva Wolfram, Die Drei, Stuttgart
1993 Deva Wolfram, Hortus conclusus, Firenze
Deva Wolfram, Stroma, Firenze
1992 Rossella Mitrano, Deva Wolfram, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano
1991 Deva Wolfram, Hortus conclusus, Köln